Viz Media has announced a new deal with Federator/Cartoon Hangover to release two books in summer 2014 based on the popular Bravest Warriors animated web series.  Viz will release the two titles: Bravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug, and Bravest Warriors Presents: Catbug’s Treasure Book under their new Perfect Square imprint (see "Viz Media Launches New 'Perfect Square' Imprint for Kids").
The books should not be confused with the BOOM! Studio comic books, BOOM! produces Bravest Warriors comics, and will launch a Bee and PuppyCat title in 2014 (see "'Bee and Puppycat' Kickstarter at $475K"). 

Both books are stand-alone titles which focus on the fan-favorite character Catbug. Bravest Warriors: The Search for Catbug is an art book featuring a collection of artists presenting images of the Bravest Warriors cast as they travel through dimensions to rescue Catbug, who ate some weird food that causes him to lose control of his jump abilities and careens randomly through the galaxy.  MSRP is set at $19.99.
Bravest Warriors Presents: Catbug’s Treasure Book is described as a scrapbook of sorts, filled with Catbug’s playtime imaginings and souvenirs of Bravest Warriors adventures. MSRP is set at $12.99.
Bravest Warriors, along with sister property Bee and Puppycat, was recently licensed by Catalyst Game Labs to produce CCGs based on the popular cartoons (see "'Bravest Warriors' and 'Bee and Puppycat' CCGs").