Battlefront Miniatures will release three new Dust Tactics starter sets early in 2014.  Battlefront took over publishing and distribution of Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare from Fantasy Flight Games back in June (see "'Dust' Games to Battlefront Miniatures").

The starter sets will be unique to each faction (Allies, Axis and SSU) and will each contain 1 hero, 1 Walker, 2 infantry units, 1 battle mat, terrain and objective squares, and faction-themed dice.  Each set will MSRP for $50.00.

The Allied Taskforce Joe Starter Set will contain Bazooka Joe, Pounder, Bot Hunters and Grim Reapers.  The Axis Kampfgruppe Stefan Starter Set will contain Stefan, Ludwig, Heavy Laser Grenadiers and Recon Grenadiers.  The SSU Battlegroup Koshka Starter Set will contain Koshka, Grandma, Fakyeli and Red Thunder.

British RPG publisher Modiphius announced a deal in August to produce a role-playing game based on the property called Dust Adventures in 2014 (see "'Dust Adventures' RPG").