We round up here a number of digital stories from the last week, including the surprising news that ebook sales are dropping, plus news from Viz and comiXology. 

Data released by the AAP shows that eBook sales have declined for the past five months, and that eBook sales are down for 2013 vs. 2012, according to Publishers Lunch.  This tracks with info released earlier this month by the Book Industry Study Group (see "E-Books Topping Out").  Some graphic novels are sold in eBook formats.

ComiXology launched eGift Cards, offering a way to allow customers to give purchase credit as a gift.

Viz Media has launched its digital library of over 1700 manga volumes in the Google Play store, adding another platform for its digital manga.  Viz CTO Gagan Singh noted the ease with which the company could add additional platforms for its content in a recent interview (see "ICv2 Interview Part 2: Viz CTO Gagan Singh").

ComiXology announced a deal with Today Trajectory for original Classics Illustrated material.  Fifteen titles are available at launch, with the entire 120-issue run slated to be made available.

Viz Media is launching six new manga series in digital form this month, including Sweet Rein, Gimmmick!, Here is Greenwood, I''S, Knights of the Zodia (Saint Seiya) and Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom.

--Disclosure: ICv2 has a business relationship with comiXology as a representative for its Retailer Tools; ICv2 CEO Milton Griepp also serves on the board of comiXology.