Disney Interactive is working on new versions of Disney Infinity with Star Wars and Marvel characters, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The move will incorporate two huge universes into the game, which to date has included Disney Animation, Pixar, and other Disney properties.

Disney Infinity combines collectible figures with video game elements utilizing multiple properties.  It has been extremely successful since its launch last August, with three million Starter Packs sold (see "Disney Sold 3 Million Starters"). 

The news leaked out in the midst of a downsizing at Disney Interactive, which is cutting "several hundred" of its 3000 employees, continuing a process of focusing in-house resources on Infinity and licensing video games based on its properties rather than developing them at Disney.  Disney shut down LucasArts, which it acquired in the LucasFilm purchase, for example, in favor of licensing other companies to make Star Wars games (see "Disney Shuts Down LucasArts").