Fantasy Flight Games has announced the Q2 release of the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook (MSRP $59.95), a 464-page tome that provides everything that players and GMs need to begin their adventures in the Star Wars universe.

The launch of the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook represents the kickoff for the second of three standalone, cross-compatible RPGs set in the Star Wars universe.  It complements the previously announced “Beginner’s Game” (see "'Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game'").
The Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook, which FFG beta-tested last year (see "'Star Wars: Age of Rebellion'"), utilizes a special "skill mechanic," in which the GM will have players roll pools of dice, both negative and positive, to determine whether an action succeeds or not.  The positive dice reflect the characters innate abilities, talents, and resources, while the negative dice represent the forces that could disrupt the action.  If the postiive role is higher, then the action succeeds.
Example of the Full Color Art in the Core Rulebook
The deluxe hardcover Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook includes an introduction to roleplaying in the Star Wars universe, concise rules for character generation and advancement, and clear descriptions of the game’s skills and talents.  It also includes convenient charts of weapons, gear devices, starships and vehicles, rules of combat, and "Force Sensitive Emergents;" and extensive background information on the Star Wars universe and the history of the Rebel Alliance.  For GMs, there is advice on how to create and run an Age of Rebellion campaign, as well as a complete introductory adventure.