WizKids plans to add weekly events to its organized play program, and to begin limiting its large storyline events to one per year. 
"At GAMA this year we’ll be announcing a new foundation level organized play, which I’ll call the weekly organized play, as well as what our plans are for storyline," WizKids CEO Justin Ziran said.  "I’d call it weekly organized play, and then once a year we’ll come in with a big program, which will be story based/driven."  He clarified that this will be one large storyline event per year, and not one each for Marvel and DC.
WizKids is still experimenting with different configurations for its large storyline events.  "We’ve toyed around with six months, four months," Ziran said.  "We’re really trying to figure out what is the right length of time.  Six has been good for us, but I do hear feedback that four would be good too.  War of Light is a six month program, with four months of boosters.  So you’re seeing us test the waters at different intervals, so we can get a better gauge of what works and what doesn’t."