Marvel has announced, in collaboration with Disney, a new miniseries detailing the origin of Figment, the Epcot Theme Park Mascot, written by Jim Zub, beginning in June.  Zub will be joined by artist Filipe Andrade (Captain Marvel), with cover art by John Tyler Christopher.
This is the second Disney Kingdoms title tied to Disney theme park attractions created by Disney Imagineering to be announced by Marvel.  The new ongoing series Disney Kingdoms:  Seekers of the Weird launched in January (see "Marvel Announces 'Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird' Comic").  Disney Publishing is also launching an OGN series tied to Space Mountain in May (see "Disney Confirms 'Space Mountain' GN").
The five-issue series will be a steampunk fantasy adventure that reveals the origin of the inventor Dreamfinder and Figment, his trusty dragon companion.  The Epcot Theme Park duo is part of the Epcot Journey Into Imagination attraction.
Zub, best known for his creator-owned series Skullkickers, has been busy of late, writing the second Pathfinder series (see "New 'Pathfinder' Comic Arc"), as well as being named as a one-shot writer for IDW/CN’s summer crossover Super Secret Crisis War (see "IDW's CN Crossover: 'Super Secret Crisis War'"), which is no surprise, since he recently penned the first story arc for Samurai Jack last year (see "IDW's New 'Samurai Jack'").