Marvel has announced a second miniseries, Original Sins, as part of its summer crossover event, launching in June.
A companion to the main crossover series Original Sin (see "Marvel's 'Original Sin' Crossover"), this five-issue comic will feature three stand-alone stories focusing on different characters (Deathlok, the Young Avengers, Black Bolt, Doctor Doom, and Howard the Duck among others) and what salacious secrets of theirs the Watcher witnessed.  The talent roster includes James Robinson, Charles Soule, Mark Bagley, Dan Slott, and Nathan Edmondson among others.  Covers will be done by Mark Brooks.
Original Sins #1 will be written by Nathan Edmondson, Ryan North and Stuart Moore; with art by Mike Perkins, Ramon Villalobos, and Rick Gear.  Original Sins #2 will be written by Frank Tieri, Ryan North, and Ty Templeton; with art by Raff Ienco, Ramon Villalobos, and Ty Templeton.
Marvel recently announced plans for a massive marketing blitz to promote the summer event (see "Marvel Goes Big for 'Original Sin'").