One of the coolest examples of the way in which DC Comics and Warner Bros. are supporting the 75th anniversary of Batman is this cool Darwyn Cooke-created Batman Beyond short that was shown at WonderCon.  This short brings back Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne (voiced by Will Friedle and Kevin Conroy respectively) and (SPOILER ALERT) pits them against a number of "rogue Batmen" that represent various incarnations of the character including the Batman: The Animated Series iteration as well as the Adam West version, The Brave and the Bold animated version and more--see how many you can identify!
The 75th Anniversary celebration of Batman doesn’t try to hide the character’s wide-ranging history--after all the release of that relative outlier, the fun, campy 1960s Batman TV series is one of the celebration’s major initiatives—and Cooke’s short homage to the diversity of Batman is right in line with DC’s overall celebration of the protean, many-faceted creation that is the Dark Knight (see "75th Anniversary of Batman Celebration").