Plastique, the terrorist villain from DC Comics, who has appeared in the "New 52" universe as a foe of Firestorm and member in good standing of the Secret Society of Super Villains, is coming to the CW’s The Flash TV series as police Sgt. Bette San Souci, but she may not be plying her villainous ways on the small screen.
TV Line describes the most recently announced member of The Flash cast this way, "the series’ incarnation of the metahuman Plastique is a fetching young redhead who was a bomb specialist with the Army before she was injured by an IED in Iraq. Since being exposed to the Central City explosion, she can turn any object into a bomb with just a touch of her hand."
After that description TV Line’s Michael Ausiello goes on to comment "not a bad comrade for Flash to have on his team, eh?"  Does this mean that the small screen Plastique will be a heroine and not a villain?  It should be interesting since her "New 52" foe Firestorm is also going to make an appearance on The Flash (see "Firestorm to Appear on 'The Flash'").  Guess we will have to wait until after The Flash TV series premieres on the CW on Tuesday, October 7th. 
It should be noted that Plastique did make an appearance on the 8th season of Smallville and was played by Jessica Parker Kennedy.  No announcement yet on who will portray Plastique on The Flash, but news on that front could very well be released during the SDCC.