San Diego Comic-Con News:  At the "Spider-Verse" panel, Marvel’s Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe, in addition to talking about the multiverse crossover event that is known as The Spider-Verse (see "Marvel Announces 'Spider-Verse'"), announced the October debut of The Edge of the Spiderverse #1, and the November debut of a new 3-issue Scarlet Spiders miniseries by Mike Costa and Paco Diaz.  The Scarlet Spiders saga features some of the Spider-Man family’s most popular clones, who embark on a dangerous mission where their special abilities are put to good use.
The Edge of Spider-Verse, which debuts in October, features revolving creative talent on each issue as well as a different Spider-Man from a different universe in each book.  The first issue will feature a Spider-Man Noir story, while the second focuses on the Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman, while issue number 3 introduces an all-new sci-fi Spider-Man from the future (check out the creative teams for the crossover here)
The superhero team in Scarlet Spiders includes Scarlet Spider Kaine from the 616, the Ultimate Jessica Drew, and the Ben Reilly from an alternate universe in which he retained the mantle of Spider-Man.  The Scarlet Spiders book debuts in November as the Spider-Verse crossover event really takes off (check out Skottie Young’s interlocking Spider-Verse variant covers here).