Here's the story of Gen Con in pictures, beginning with the first day, Thursday.

[NOTE: You can click any picture for larger view.]

Giant Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in the Konami game room.

It was the first convention appearance for these two life sized Yu-Gi-Oh! figures.

It seems like Funko is everywhere these days, in this case promoting its Magic: The Gathering and Firefly figures.

This Fez-o-Rama booth is just one of many fine clothing emporiums at Gen Con, although perhaps serving a smaller niche than most.

A happy female Loki.

This space cadet strikes a pose.

Extra largeThe Duke, at the Catalyst booth.

Munchkin Panic at the booth of Castle Panic maker Fireside, represents the marriage of two recipients of the "TableTop Bump" (see "The 'TableTop' Bump")

A figure in the painting competition display at the Privateer Press booth.

A large guard at the Privateer Press booth.

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