Building on last year’s DC HeroClix: Superman Quick-Start Kit, WizKids will release a similar Marvel-based kit, which will debut on Free Comic Book Day, May 2nd, 2015.
The Marvel HeroClix: The Avengers Quick-Start Kit is a non-collectible two-figure pack designed as an easy and fast introduction for store owners to sell to potential players.  The package contains specially designed Captain America and Iron Man figures, with character cards, a Quick-Start rules document, and a map game board. 
The Marvel HeroClix: The Avengers Quick Start Kit will be released as two SKUs, one as WizKids’ Free Comic Book Day product, and another "regular" release.  Both products will be identical, and the sell-through version will carry a $4.99 MSRP. 
The Quick Start rules focus on the core concepts of the game: how to read the combat dial, basic movement and attacking, and how damage is dealt to other figures in the game.  The game cards include descriptions of how the powers work for quick reference during initial play. 

If WizKids follows the pattern from last year’s DC HeroClix: Superman Quick-Start Kit, the two figures will be valued at 100 points each, in order for two new players to use a single set during a match.  Both figures will also have a purple ring on the Combat Dial, meaning they are not legal for tournament play, since the product is intended as an inexpensive entry point for new players.
Much like the DC HeroClix: Superman set, which was released last September, the set is intended as an evergreen, non-collectible product.