The first photo of actress Michelle Forbes as Retro Girl for the PlayStation original series Powers has appeared in Entertainment Weekly.
Retro Girl, "the undisputed superstar of the Powers community," according to the producers, "is an icon of justice, selflessness, and business acumen.  Her willingness to put herself at risk for the good of others is matched only by her ability to manage her globe-spanning personal brand and countless endorsement deals."

Sharto Copley will star as homicide detective Christian Walker, and Susan Heyward  will play his partner Deena Pilgrim.  Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor, Olesya Rulin, Max Fowler and Adam Godley have been announced in supporting roles (see "Brian Michael Bendis' 'Powers' Adds Leads").
Taylor will be Johnny Royalle, a criminal mastermind Power; Izzard will be Wolfe, another criminal Power who was once Christian Walker’s mentor; and Rulin will be Calista, a teenage Power wannabe.  Fowler will play Krispin Stockley, and Godley will play Captain Cross.  Logan Browning has been added in the role of Zora (pictured here), a young, extremely powerful Power, with the ability to manipulate light (though Alona Tal was announced in the role this summer for the pilot, it looks as though she’s been replaced).

The first trailer for the series debuted in October (see "'Powers' NYCC Trailer Debuts").  The series is set to debut in December.