DC Comics has announced that its new periodicals are now available in the iVerse app, with backlist to be added over time.  The announcement was timed to coincide with iVerse’s launch of a new iOS app, ComicsPLUS 8.0.  The new app adds a number of new features, including graphic novel rental for one, two, or five days at prices lower than purchase, and the ability to import DRM-free prdoucts in ePub, PDF, CBR, and CBZ formats.  The graphic novel rental feature is offering titles from Archie, IDW and Valiant at launch.  Valiant began offering its comics on iVerse in August.

This marks the strongest content iVerse has had relative to its competition since the very early days of digital comics, and brings in a feature that some have wanted:  the ability to organize content in various formats on a single platform.  There are still big holes in its line, and its backlist is much smaller than comiXology’s, but it’s movement in a direction that many thought was over for iVerse.

In other news, Dynamite Entertainment announced that it is making titles available on ComicsFix, a new all-you-can-eat platform that offers unlimited reading for $9.95 a month.  Marvel has its own similarly-structured service, so ComicsFix will have challenges assembling a comprehensive line for the platform, but it’s a model that’s gaining traction in other media such as video and music. 

Madefire announced that its Android app was one of a few apps that are being offered as part of Google’s Nexus Player for TV, allowing comics viewing on TV screens.  Madefire also announced that it will be publishing Motion Books featuring Neopets, characters that became popular via an online game in the mid-aughts, and recently acquired by JumpStart, a leader in learning-based games for kids.

Marvel has made titles available on Kobo, an e-reader platform popular in Canada.   

Dave Sim’s Judenhass, his harrowing look at the Holocaust, is now being offered free on Sequential.  Sequential also announced that it has an exclusive deal with Koyama Press for its comics and graphic novel line.