The comics retailer organization ComicsPRO is investigating possible embezzlement by a former member of the board of directors, the organization announced on its Facebook page Thursday.  ComicsPRO President Thomas Gaul accepted the resignation of the board member after being informed of the "potential abuse." 

The announcement, while calling it "potential abuse" and "possible misuse or misappropriation of corporate funds," also said that it is "investigating the extent and degree of any misappropriation of organization funds, the effects it may have on the organization, and what the organization can do to recover the funds, if anything," indicating that it believes theft has taken place.

The organization said it "will cooperate with authorities as the situation unfolds."  ComicsPRO said there would be "no expected impact to the current staffing and programming of the organization."

The directors currently listed on the website, which does not appear to have been changed yet, are:
  • President Thomas Gaul, CornerStoreComics LLC. 
  • Vice President Carr D’Angelo, Earth-2 Comics
  • Recording Secretary Calum Johnston, Strange Adventures
  • Joe Field, Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff
  • Gary Dills, Phoenix Comics and Toys
  • Eric Kirsammer, Chicago Comics, Quimby‘s
  • Ralph Mathieu, Alternate Reality Comics
  • Peter Dolan, Main Street Comics
The current roster was largely elected for the first time in 2013 (see "ComicsPRO Elects New Officers").