Ratings for the first episodes of Spider-Man on MTV and the Teen Titans on the Cartoon Network have been strong.  Spider-Man, which debuted with back-to-back episodes on MTV on Friday, July 11, was the top-rated cable show for male teen viewers during its 10pm to 11pm timeslot.  The second Spider-Man episode was the highest-rated MTV show of the week with the coveted teenage male demographic. 


The Cartoon Network's Teen Titans series targets a younger demographic and did so very successfully.  The first Teen Titans episode, which debuted Saturday at 9pm, was the most popular Cartoon Network debut ever with boys 6-11.


Perhaps the youthful orientation of the animated Teen Titans caused comic book retailers to overlook the potential of the series and its related merchandise.  The first issue of the DC Comics' adaptation of the Teen Titans animated series sold out almost instantly in spite of a 20% overprint.  Clearly this is a property worth keeping an eye on.