Announcing that he is 'throwing his cowl in the ring,' retailer Barry Short of San Dimas, California hopes to obtain the 1,000 petition names or $3,500 necessary to get his name on the ballot for governor of California.  Short, owner of 21st Century Comics in Fullerton, California, cites the list of front-runners as one of his primary motivations to run.  'Look, I'm no fan of Gray Davis,' says Short, 'but look at the candidates being put forth to replace him - Darrell Issa, Bill Simon, Dick Riordan, Mike and/or Arianna Huffington, Larry Flynt - all we need is Dan Lundgren and we'll have ALL of the seven dwarfs.'


The colorful Short is registered as a Republican, but his 'heart is Libertarian.'  For more information, Short recommends that you 'visit my business/headquarters if you like - you can sign my petition to get onto the ballot, or buy comics, toys, t-shirts, and lots of other great stuff!'  Looks like Short is not neglecting his primary vocation during his election run.