In Spring of 2004 -- almost four years to the day after CrossGen Chronicles #1 hit the stands -- CrossGen will release The War.  Penciled by the legendary George Perez, The War is the culmination of four years of storylines and hundreds of issues, and will portray the heroes of the CGU going head to head with the denizens of the Negation Universe.  Many of the stories currently running throughout CrossGen's titles will reach their peaks, and some titles will reach their ends.  According to CrossGen spokesman Bill Rosemann, The War will not affect all titles equally.  'Depending how tightly titles interact with the CrossGen Universe mega-story,' he said, 'some will reflect the events from the point of view of the title's characters, while others will not reference it at all--it's really up to the individual writers and the direction that their books have already established.'


CrossGen writer Ron Marz elaborated.  'The story of The War will have ramifications in a lot of titles, but chapters of the story itself won't spill over into individual series,' he said. 'We're not going to make anyone buy a book they're not already buying just to get the entire story.... Something like Sigil is going to be more involved than, say, Way of the Rat, although there's an important story element in The War that we're culling from Way of the Rat....  All the writers are jointly involved in setting up the chess pieces, so to speak, so the creative team for The War can come in and start wrecking everything!'


CrossGen also announced a pact with Endeavor for representation in the world of film, television, and video games.  The agreement adds Endeavor to CrossGen's Hollywood 'A-Team,' which includes Branded Entertainment's President Michael E. Uslan and VP F.J. DeSanto (see 'CrossGen Signs Movie and TV Development Deal').  While Branded will continue ushering CrossGen properties into other media, (see 'CrossGen Movies on Tap' and 'CrossGen Announces Movie/TV Deals'), Endeavor, which represents directors Martin Scorsese, Aaron Sorkin, and John Woo among others, will bring powerhouse names to potential packages.  Among Endeavor's current TV packages are:  The West Wing, Alias, That '70's Show, The Gilmore Girls, and WWE Smackdown.