Marvel CEO Allen Lipson announced Tuesday that Timothy E. Rothwell of Universal will be joining the company as President of Marvel's WorldWide Consumer Products Group.   Marvel's relationship with Rothwell, who spent the last seven years as Senior Vice President at Universal Studios Consumer Product Group, began with the summer blockbuster Hulk.  Marvel considers Rothwell 'instrumental' in establishing the Hulk property, which holds more than 300 licenses encompassing over 1,000 products.


In his new role, Rothwell will oversee Marvel's 'principal source of profit':  the core licensing and merchandising division.  His primary responsibilities will be to develop Marvel's international licensing business and strengthen retailer relationships, both proven areas of expertise for him and underdeveloped areas of the company that Marvel believes have huge potential for growth.


Besides his work with Hulk, Rothwell is credited with developing innovative domestic and international programs for mega-brands like Jurassic Park, ET, The Fast and the Furious, Curious George, and The Cat in the Hat.