Just before the Spike TV/TNN premier of the new Stripperella animated series, as rumors swirled that the show would not air, ICv2 confirmed with Humanoids that their comic one-shot (see 'Humanoids to Publish Stripperella One-Shot') was going to be canceled (see 'Stripperella Canceled?').  The lead character in the cartoon series, from a concept by Stan Lee (stripper by day, superhero by night), is based visually on Pamela Anderson and features her voice as the character. 


The comic was originally supposed to be a promotional tool for the TV series; the work had been commissioned by TNN, and Humanoids was to handle printing and distribution.  Humanoids Director of U.S. Operations Justin Connolly explained what Humanoids saw in the arrangement.  'We were happy to do it because we love Kevin Alteiri... (...he's done a story in Metal Hurlant) and we like the guys at TNN.  It also seemed like a good way to get a bookful of Humanoids ads in front of people who likely aren't already buying our books.'


But TNN and Pamela Anderson disagreed about the comic as the work came in to TNN, according to Connolly, and eventually decided to cancel the comic.  Ratings for the series indicate substantial interest in the property, but there are no plans to revive the comic plans now.