The polls (see 'Retailers -- Vote on Free Comic Book Day') are closed and the results are in:  comic book retailers have voted to hold next year's Free Comic Book Day on July 3rd, to coincide with the opening of Spider-Man 2.  The July 3rd date gathered 681 votes from participating retailers, making up 50.56% of the total votes.  May 8th, which was the only option that did not pair FCBD with a movie release, came in second with 528 votes and 39.20% of total votes, with April 3rd (Hellboy's release date) trailing with 138 votes at 10.24%.  Over 1,300 retailers voted in the poll, representing more than 65% of the stores that participated in the 2003 FCBD.


The 2002 box office explosion of the first Spider-Man movie may have contributed to the success of the first FCBD, which was held the same day as the film's premier (see 'Along Came a Spider-Man' and 'Spider-Man Blows Away Harry Potter').  As a result of the shared date, FCBD received press coverage across the country, often as a sidebar to stories about the summer blockbuster.