A Tokyopop title other than Chobits or Love Hina has topped the Bookscan list of graphic novel bestsellers in bookstores.  For the week ending September 7, its second week on the list, dot Hack Legend of the Twilight Volume 1 was the #1 title on the graphic novel list.  It also made the adult fiction trade paperback list, coming in at #40. 


The Tokyopop manga title is only one part of a broad-based product launch this year that includes the anime (see 'Details on dot Hack Limited Edition'), anime soundtrack (see 'Bandai Announces dot Hack Soundtrack'), and toys (see 'Bandai Toys Announces Four New Anime Properties') from Bandai, the PS2 videogame (see 'dot Hack DVD with PS2 Game'),  and the CCG from Decipher (see 'Decipher To Launch dot Hack CCG').