The manga team of Clamp, which has become very popular in the U.S. thanks in large part to its Chobits property, will soon have another title released in the States.  Tokyopop has announced that Tokyo Babylon, featuring Clamp's signature cover designs and full-color foldouts, will make its debut in May of '04.  Tokyo Babylon will join the ranks of other Tokyopop Clamp series like Cardcaptor Sakura, Wish, Angelic Layer, Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Chobits, which recently cracked the bookstore top 20 overall trade paperback list (see 'Chobits Cracks Bookstore Top 20'),


According to Tokyopop, Tokyo Babylon 'reads like the X-Files.'  Set in modern times, this fantasy manga follows a young omyouji (spiritual medium) on his quest to protect Tokyo from evil spirits.  Tokyo Babylon has already been made into both an anime and live action film in Japan, and Clamp liked the characters so much that they featured some in other manga titles.