Marvel announced that 200,000 copies of JLA/Avengers #1 -- a 'mega-event 20 years in the making' -- were produced for shipment to the direct market.  Following in the wake are JLA/Avengers #2 and #4 from DC, and #3 from Marvel.


Marvel says that it has also had success with other recent launches.  'Since May, from Wolverine #2 to July's Spectacular Spider-Man #1 to August's 1602 and Supreme Power #1, sales of all our big launches have surpassed our already high expectations,' said Marvel Marketing Communications Manager Michael Doran.  'And that trend continued into September with JLA/Avengers #1.'  DC, the other half of this project, has also had a series of high profile sell-outs recently (see 'Interview with DC's Bob Wayne').