In spite of some earlier reports to the contrary, Comic artist George Perez, whose JLA/Avengers crossover has been one of 2003's biggest hits, is staying at CrossGen Comics.  Although Perez did say that he is 'entertaining freelance offers,' he will continue to work at CrossGen and plans to draw a two-issue stand-alone mini-series, scheduled for the summer of 2004.  Perez will continue to receive insurance benefits from CrossGen, but he won't be accepting any payment for the work he does for CrossGen over the next year.  Perez characterizes his actions this way, 'This is my small way of helping out CrossGen in particular and the comics industry in general for all the blessings that have been heaped on me during the last three decades...This decision was prompted by my desire to show my support for Mark Alessi and for a company that has been nothing but generous and respectful to me.  And I have great confidence that the company will indeed turn itself around.'