The Kids' WB, the number one network for Saturday morning cartoons, is unveiling a new lineup on Saturday November 1.  The two key anime series from the Kids' WB stable, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon both start new seasons on November 1 with the Pokemon: Advanced and Yu-Gi-Oh: Enter the Shadow Realm story arcs debuting. Joining the highly rated children's animation block are the Teen Titans animated series, which is already a hit on the Cartoon Network where it debuted, and Xiaolin Showdown, an anime-like martial arts series produced not by a Japanese or Korean studio, but by Warner Bros. Animation (and further proof of anime's growing influence on pop culture).  The other shows on the Kids' WB animation block include the delightful Mexican wrestling show, Mucha Lucha, where Speedy Gonzales, rehabilitated after a brush with political correctness, makes a guest appearance on November 8, Jackie Chan Adventures and X-Men Evolution. 


The new Astro Boy anime series, which had been scheduled to debut sometime this fall, now appears to be set for an initial appearance in early 2004.  With Bandai as the master toy license and Dark Horse publishing Astro Boy manga, Astro Boy could still become a very potent property for pop culture retailers when it finally gets its opportunity to crack what is a very strong Kids' WB lineup (see 'New Astro Boy Series on Kids WB').