Dreamwave Productions is reporting that the Duel Masters #1 comic book is sold out completely everywhere in North America.  The comic was the first North American product based on the hugely popular Japanese property Duel Masters, which has occupied the number one spot in toy and game sales in Japan over the past eight months.  Dreamwave's Duel Masters #1 included a Japanese Duel Masters card as a special insert.


Dreamwave also announced that Duel Masters #4, which ships to retailers in February, will contain an exclusive card, which will be playable in Wizards of the Coast's Duel Masters Collectible Card Game.  WotC is not planning on launching its Duel Masters CCG until March, so the Dreamwave comic will provide fans with a preview of the game that knocked Yu-Gi-Oh out of the top spot in Japan.   Hasbro will be releasing Duel Masters action figures later in 2004, Atari is prepping a Duel Masters Gameboy and there is a Duel Masters anime series in the wings to keep the property percolating.  Keep your eyes on this property, it is off to a strong start and has lots of potential.