In an article in Time Magazine discussing manga's appeal to female readers ('Drawing in the Gals'), Time's comic book maven, Andrew D. Arnold, reported that later this year 'DC Comics plans to launch a manga imprint called CMX.'  This move was hardly unexpected--last September DC Comics President and CEO Paul Levitz told ICv2 (see 'Interview with Paul Levitz, Part 2'), 'Very clearly, manga's become a significant portion of the reading habits for comics, defined broadly, in America, so I'd be really sad if we weren't able to come up with a way to be a significant force in that a year from now we'll start being in that business in a meaningful way.'  DC was already hiring an editor in September (see 'DC-Wildstorm Hiring Manga Editor').  


DC has already acquired the Domain name, although the Website is not up and running yet.  Look for more coverage of DC's new venture here on