Variety is reporting that Scott Rosenberg's Platinum Studios will develop a feature film entitled Unleashed based on characters from Myatt Murphy's comic book series Two Over Ten, published by Second to Some Studios.  Brenden 'Breeze' Wynne is a single father with one uncontrollable affliction (power) that causes everything he touches to explode.  Wynne quickly runs afoul of the law and with the authorities chasing him it is easy to understand why Variety described Unleashed as 'The Fugitive meets Firestarter.'  Second to Some Studios has now published all five issues of Murphy's Two Over Ten comic book and a graphic novel collection is in the works.  Platinum is planning to develop other characters from the series (Wynne is hardly the only character in Two Over Ten with a singular gift) for other TV and film projects.


In addition to Unleashed, Platinum Studios is also developing Unique for Touchstone with David Goyer directing and Michael Cooney writing as well as Mal Chance, based on the Spanish comic book by David Morancho and Martin Pardo, which is at Miramax, and the Italian comic Nathan Never, currently at Dreamworks.