Geneon has announced plans for its DVD release of  R.O.D. the TV (see 'Geneon Announces Five New Anime Series'), the TV series sequel to the Read or Die OVA released last year by Manga Entertainment.  The special collectors edition will include a DVD book in which to store all of the DVDs in the series, a first departure from the collectors boxes that most anime companies are offering collectors now.  According to Geneon's Chad Kime, the connection between the reading themes in the anime and a DVD 'book' was 'too perfect to resist.' 


The three expressions of this property, the OVA, the anime series, and the manga, all have different names, even though all have some common characters, themes, and settings and are by the same writer (Hideyuki Kurata).  The OVA was Read or Die, the TV series is R.O.D. the TV, and the manga (not yet picked up for the States) is Read or Dream.