Funimation Productions and 4Kids Entertainment are planning a June fifteenth launch of the first series of 'DVD Singles' -- individually packaged 3-inch DVDs, each of which contains one episode of a popular animated series.  DVD Singles will be priced competitively with CCG releases thanks to an SRP of just $3.99. 


So far both Target and the giant 7-11 convenience store chain are on board for Series I, which includes 4 DVDs each for four popular animated series -- Dragon Ball GT, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Sonic the Hedgehog. A second series of DVD Singles is planned for the fall. Each DVD is individually named to encourage consumers to buy all four DB GT or Yu-Gi-Oh disks in Series I, and each DVD comes complete with a colorful sticker.  The 3-inch DVDs should play on almost any DVD player (including the Sony PlayStation).


DVD Singles will be positioned next to collectible card games at retail.  With the growing number of anime-based CCGs, the launch of DVD Singles will bring anime and CCGs into even closer proximity.  The launch of Series I of the DVD Singles will be supported by a million-dollar on-air promotion on the Fox Box, plus online support at and