November 30th has been chosen as the street date for the Spider-Man 2 DVD, ensuring another wave of marketing money and media attention to the Spider-Man property for the holidays.  Four DVD SKUs are planned:


1. A two-disc DVD (in either wide- and full-screen two-packs), which includes more than ten hours of new content, including a 12-part making-of documentary, a multi-angle behind the scenes featurette on the making of the on-the-pier sequence, commentaries, bloopers, and more.  MSRP $29.96.


2. A two-pack of Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2 (in either wide- or full-screen versions).  MSRP $39.95


3. A Superbit version (see 'New Superbit DVDs Add Extras').  MSRP $26.96.


4. The Spider-Man 2 Gift Set, including the two widescreen DVD discs, a reduced size reprint of the Spider-Man #50 comic, a limited edition portfolio of art by over 25 comic book artists, a 'Concept-to-Screen Comparison' portfolio, a postcard collection of Spider-Man 2 artwork from the theatrical advertising campaign.  MSRP  $49.95.