We took a look at what was happening ten, fifteen, and twenty years ago this month in ICv2's print predecessor, Internal Correspondence.


Ten Years Ago--1994

Marvel Comics was announcing a company reorganization both on the editorial and business side.  Four executive editors, all reporting directly to Terry Stewart, were set up to manage the general entertainment group, the Marvel Universe, the X-Men family, and the Spider-Man group.  Richard Rodgers was running marketing.  Bruce Stein resigned as President of the Marvel Entertainment Group, reportedly because of conflicts with Avi Arad. 


Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering:  Fallen Empires was announced as shipping in three waves.  Steve Jackson's Illuminati:  New World Order CCG was the top-ordered game product for October. 


Ranma ? was the top anime video title, with Urotsukidoji, Project A-ko, Robotech, and Tenchi Muyo all with strong showings. 


Fifteen Years Ago--1989

Internal Correspondence was reporting a decline in comic and licensed merchandise sales in a 'gray September' after the huge explosion of sales surrounding the release of the first Batman movie that summer, which represented a new level of licensed merchandise sales tied to a movie release.  


DC had just shipped four variant covers of Legends of the Dark Knight #1, which were ordered in at over 750,000 copies by direct distributors -- the largest dollar book ever shipped to that market at that time.


Mayfair Games purchased the rights to Chill, an RPG originally published by Pacesetter Games.  TSR's Complete Fighter Manual and Monstrous Compendium Volume 3 were the top game products. 


Twenty Years Ago -- 1984

Mirage Studios announced that it was increasing the frequency of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles based on the success of #1. 


FASA announced that it was licensing Dr. Who and Masters of the Universe for games.  TSR was spending $2.5 million! in print and TV advertising to support holiday sales.