This is a listing of all of the great stuff available to the store that wins our Shojo Display Contest.  The total value of these great prizes is over $3,100, and it could all be yours.  Here's what you get.


From Pioneer--

(Pioneer's contribution valued at $2100)


Sailor Moon Movies (Edited Dubbed Version) 5 sets x 3 Movies ($225 Value retail):   Videos of the three Sailor Moon feature films: Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon SuperS.  All three are self contained story lines and retail for $14.98 each (US).


Sailor Moon S Vol. 1 & 2 (Edited Dubbed Version) 5 sets ($150 Value retail):   The first two volumes of the Sailor Moon S TV series (Season 3 in Japan) that have aired only on the Cartoon Network.  Each volume features crimson and gold foil accents and contain 3-4 episodes ($14.98 SRP each)


Sailor Moon S Uncut Vol.1-3 DVD 1 set ($90 retail):   Uncut DVD versions of the Sailor Moon S TV series contain 6-7 episode per volume, crimson and gold foil highlights on the covers, reversible jackets, Japanese and English audio with removable subtitles and more!


Fushigi Yugi DVD Box Set 1 - Suzaku
Fushiji Yugi:   Epic historical drama intended for more mature viewers (Rated 13 UP), the VHS Boxed sets collect the eight volumes of each TV Season, which are collected as DVD Boxed sets as well.  The Suzaku Box (TV Box I) contains the first 26 half-hour episodes of the series, and the Seiryuu Box (TV Box II) contains the last 26 episodes of the TV Series.  Both VHS boxed sets retail for $99.98 each and the DVD Boxed Sets each retail for $199.98.

            1 ea VHS Box Set Sub & Dub (I & II) ($400 Value retail)

            1 ea DVD Box Set I ($200 Value retail)


Cardcaptors:   The hit TV series on the Kids WB, based upon the Cardcaptor Sakura comic released domestically by Tokyo Pop, available on VHS for $14.98 each.  Each volume contains the episodes in the order in which they aired on TV.

            5 ea VHS Vol. 1-5 ($375 Value retail)


Cardcaptor Sakura:   Uncut Japanese language only versions of Cardcaptors, also based upon the Cardcaptor Sakura comic released domestically by Tokyo Pop.  Each DVD contains 4 Japanese language episodes in the order in which the series ran on Japanese TV and retails for $29.98.

            2 ea DVD Vol. 1-3 ($180 Value retail)


Magical Project S:   An homage of the entire magical girl genre with a satirical edge (a la Powerpuff Girls), Magical Project S features characters from the Tenchi Muyo universe in an alternate reality where Sasami is the focus of the stories.  Each subtitled volume retails for $29.98.

            2 ea VHS Sub Vol. 1-8 ($480 Value retail)


From Dark Horse Comics--

3x3 Eyes: Curse of the Gesu TPB

(Dark Horse' contribution valued at $504)

One each of the following trade paperback shojo manga collections:

3X3 Eyes Curse of the Gesu     12.95

3X3 Eyes House of Demons            12.95  

Bubblegum Crisis Grand Mal  14.95      

Dirty Pair Book 3 A Plague of Angles  12.95

Gunsmith Cats Bad Trip  13.95  

Gunsmith Cats Bonnie & Clyde  13.95   

Gunsmith Cats Goldie vs. Misty 15.95  

Gunsmith Cats Kidnapped        16.95  

Gunsmith Cats Misfire     14.95  

Gunsmith Cats The Return of Gray     17.95

Masakazu Katsuras Shadow Lady Dangerous Love     17.95

Oh My Goddess  1-555-Goddess    13.95

Oh My Goddess Love Potion Number Nine    14.95

Oh My Goddess Mara Strikes Back    14.95

Oh My Goddess Miss Keiichi  16.95

Oh My Goddess Ninja Master  13.95

Oh My Goddess Sympathy for the Devil  13.95

Oh My Goddess Terrible Master URD     14.95

Oh My Goddess the Devil in Miss Urd  14.95

Oh My Goddess The Queen of Vengeance        13.95

You're Under Arrest Lights and Siren  10.95

You're Under Arrest  12.95

And one each of the following special items:

Dirty Pair Kei Shot Glass        5.99    

Dirty Pair Yuri Shot Glass        5.99

Gunsmith Cats Shot Glass Set  19.95  

Masamune Shirow Requiem Statue 150.00


From Viz --

An autographed Ceres, Celestial Legend poster by acclaimed artist and author Y? Watase.


From Tokyopop --


(Contribution valued at $276)


Sailor Moon GN's #s 1-10 

Sailor Moon Super S GNs #'s 1-4

Sailor Moon Stars GN's #'s 1-3

Sailor Moon Scout Guides #'s 1-5

Sailor Moon Novels #'s 1-8


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