Viz will launch three new manga series in March -- two shojo titles and one Shonen Jump title.  Legendz, the Shonen Jump title by Rin Hirai and Makoto Haruno, mixes a manga story with roleplaying games, like a number of other properties.  In Legendz, mythical creatures like mermaids, dragons, and werewolves actually exist, and can be raised and trained to play the ultimate roleplaying game.  


Happy Hustle High, by Rie Takada (who also did Wild Act from Tokyopop) stars a 16-year-old tomboy who falls for a boy on the Student Council of their newly coeducational school. 


Doubt!!, by Izumi Kaneyoshi, features angst of a type familiar to many high schoolers.  The lead character is a girl who gets a makeover before entering her new school and gets her wish as the hottest guy in school falls for her.  But her anime geek past haunts her, especially a traumatic incident in which she was pantsed at her previous school, revealing her dorky underwear.