Marvel is launching seven titles under the Marvel Next name, which Marvel is calling 'not a new line or imprint,' but a 'collection' of titles focusing on young characters.  The stories will all take place in the Marvel Universe.  Two Next titles are being launched in January, four in February, one in March, and one in April.


Marvel is calling Young Avengers, scheduled to launch in February with story by Allan Heinberg and pencils by Jim Cheung, the flagship of the Marvel Next collection.  Other February Next titles include the return of Runaways (Brian K. Vaughan/AdrianAlphona) and the launch of Livewires (Adam Warren/Rick Mays). 


The March Next launch is Spellbinders, by Mike Carey and Mike Perkins.


In April, a new issue of Amazing Fantasy will appear, featuring the Scorpion, who won a recent poll.   


The January Next titles will be X-23 (Kyle/Yost/Tan) and Arana:  Heart of the Spider (Avery/Cruz).