ICv2 has learned that Wizards of the Coast is discontinuing its G.I. Joe Trading Card Game.  The Armored Strike Expansion, which was released in February, will be the last G.I. Joe TCG release for Wizards.  WotC will continue to provide player support for the G.I. Joe game through the company's customer service department and will keep general product information about the G.I. Joe TCG up on its Website for the foreseeable future.


The unfortunate demise of the G.I. Joe TCG is due to the game's failure to generate sufficient demand in a very crowded marketplace for trading card games.  Although the nostalgia boom that brought it back to prominence has diminished in intensity, the G.I. Joe property remains viable in other media.  The vintage (1985-86) G.I. Joe cartoons are running on the Boomerang cable channel on Sundays and G.I. Joe DVDs are coming out in June (Season I Part 2) and August (Season 2 Part 1).  Hasbro and Diamond Select Toys continue to produce a variety of G.I. Joe toys and the G.I. Joe comic book from Devil's Due is getting a re-launch in June.