According to Variety, Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow are in talks with Warner Bros. for the movie rights to their Hard Boiled property, which was published as a comic by Dark Horse in the early 90s.  The project is apparently fairly far along, as Variety reports that director David Fincher (Alien3, Seven) and actor Nicolas Cage are already attached.   Miller and Darrow are connected to Warners' by other projects -- Miller by Batman: Year One which he's working on with Darren Aronofsky, and Darrow by his involvement with The Matrix.  Cage had been associated with a Ghost Rider film to be shot in 2003, but that film is now shaky (see 'Ghost Rider Film Suffers Setback').  The Hard Boiled trade paperback is still in print and available from Dark Horse distributors Diamond and LPC.