Fantasy Flight Games has released additional information on its planned 05 releases, in addition to previously announced games like World of Warcraft (see 'World of Warcraft Board Game').   The release date for the Marvel Heroes game, designed by Nexus Editrice (see 'Marvel Board Game in 05'), has been moved back to October, and the retail price has been set at a heart-thumping $59.95.  Characters depicted as 40mm playing pieces will include Wolverine, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, plus bad guys.   The cover art is by Marvel artist Salvador Larocca. 


Fantasy Flight has also obtained the rights to publish two games originally released by Games Workshop in the 80s -- Warrior Knights and Fury of Dracula.  Both were influential games that are now out of print. 


The redesigned Warrior Knights will be released in August at $49.95.  Players in the game will take the role of nobles competing for control of the land.  The assembly mechanic for Warrior Knights is echoed in Fantasy Flights Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition.


The new version of Fury of Dracula will be released in December at $49.95.  Up to three players play vampire hunters; the fourth plays the Count.