Numerous reports emanating from the Star Wars Celebration III convention in Indianapolis confirm that although Episode III: Revenge of the Sith may be the last of the big screen Star Wars adventures, George Lucas has plans to take his mega-property to television. 


Lucas announced two television projects, one a half-hour computer-animated cartoon series (reportedly based on the Clone Wars series currently running on the Cartoon Network) and a live action Star Wars show that will take place between episodes 3 & 4 and will feature at least some characters from the original trilogy.


Lucas indicated that the live action Star Wars series would be produced in the same way he did the Young Indiana Jones series -- scripts for an entire season would be prepared in advance and then the shooting of all the episodes would be done in one big block.   Lucas indicated that he would direct the pilot for the show and then hand it off to others.  Star Wars producer Rick McCallum said that the live action series was planned for 100 episodes.


The earliest that the live action Star Wars series could debut is 2007, the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars film and the beginning of the re-release of all six Star Wars theatrical features in a re-mastered 3-D format (see 'Star Wars in 3-D').