Dark Horse Books is planning to release two four-volume box sets featuring all seven of Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels as well as The Art of Sin City in a deluxe oversize 9' x 12' hardcover format reminiscent of Overstreet's EC Libraries.  The classic hardboiled stories are printed in black and white with spot color on high quality paper stock, along with full color reproductions of the comic book covers.  The first slip-cased Sin City Library box, which is slated for publication in October, includes the first four Sin City graphic novels in four hardcover volumes totaling 840 pages and has an msrp of $175.00 ($262.00 Canadian).


The second Sin City Slipcased Set is due out in November and completes the oversized archival editions with Sin City volumes five through seven as well as The Art of Sin City, which includes content (such as Miller's preliminary sketches) that can't be found elsewhere.  Frank Miller's Sin City Library Set II also has an msrp of $175.00 ($262.00 Canadian).  The first Sin City movie, directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, has earned nearly $75 million at the box office and a second film, based on A Dame to Kill For (see 'Sin City Sequel') is in the works.