Mark Bell of Bell's Comics in Grove City, Pennsylvania saw the article on Marvel's marketing push for 'House of M' (see ''House of M' Got Biggest Marvel Marketing Push in Years'), and wants a different kind of marketing support:


The big push by Marvel is a waste of resources and is totally short-term in its design.  I think all retailers would agree that if Marvel (and DC and....) want more readers AND want to help retailers sell product they should advertise in the mainstream media.  With some of the most colorful and recognizable characters in the world the Big 2 are blind and helpless when it comes to increasing comic readership.  I have had several new customers thanks to WizKids' Pirates of the Crimson Coast commercial and designing cartoons around their card games has helped Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon.  Why can't Marvel and DC toss in an ad at the end of their cartoons about the comics or have the writers add a comic book theme to a show or two?


Put me in charge and give me a budget.  Trying to advertise to ME about Marvel and DC titles is a waste of their money--I already love their products.


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