The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has learned that a date of September 12th has been set to begin the actual trial in the case against Gordon Lee, owner of the Legends comic shop in Rome Georgia.  Last February the CBLDF took on Lee's defense against charges resulting from the accidental distribution of Alternative Comics #2, a Free Comic Book Day giveaway, to a minor -- and the Fund has already spent more than $30,000 on the case.  The trial is set to begin just four days after a hearing on motions to dismiss filed by CBLDF counsel (see 'CBLDF Files Motion in Rome Case').


The CBLDF is pursuing an aggressive campaign in Lee's behalf, but according to CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein, the case's 'late summer trial date places even greater urgency on our fundraising initiatives this summer.  The strategy we're working from is aggressive, and a first rate aggressive legal strategy is very expensive to maintain.  This summer, more so than any other time since I've been at the Fund, we need the support of the comics' community.  We need generous bids at our San Diego and Wizard World auctions, we need people to sign up and renew their memberships, and we need supporters who believe in the importance of the work we're doing to increase that support.'


The CBLDF auction at the San Diego Comic-Con International will be held in Room 8 at 7pm on Saturday night, July 16th and will feature loads of great items including original art by Will Eisner, Jim Lee, Dave Sim, Dave Gibbons, Craig Thompson, J. Scott Campbell, as well as an original Alan Moore Swamp Thing script, artifacts from the MirrorMask movie, and uncirculated signed Watchmen hardcovers.  Fans who can't attend the auction can check out the offerings on the CBLDF Website and place sealed bids via email on any of the items (as long as the bids are received by 3pm Pacific Time on Saturday and include a valid credit card number and a current phone number, they will be accepted).