In an editorial in the most recent issue of its Takuhai promotional magazine, Tokyopop revealed that subsequent issues will be available at bookstores and newsstands, and that, because of the widening of its distribution, Takuhai, which literally means 'home delivery' in Japanese, will henceforth become Manga Magazine.  Tokyopop will continue to mail the magazine to the homes of fans who signed up for the service, but the publisher will also make Manga Magazine available in bookstores, newsstands and comic shops by distributing it through CDS, its bookstore distributor, and via Diamond Comic Distributors.


The additional distribution of the informative (and free publication) will undoubtedly help publicize Tokyopop's offerings and the change in the magazine's title could also help generate interest among consumers who have heard about 'manga' and want to find out about the fastest growing publishing phenomenon of the twenty-first century.  The first issue to bear the Manga Magazine title will be out in November.