Award-winning African American novelist Walter Mosely (Little Scarlet, The Man in My Basement, Fearless Jones) provided the concept underlying Maximum Fantastic Four, the first coffee table art book that Marvel has produced on its own.  Mosely came up with the idea of blowing up every panel of FF #1 to a full page, and explained it this way: 'I wanted to capture the feeling I had as a child when I would bear down and examine each panel with the kind of scrutiny that opens up worlds.  I found that when I blew up the image -- each panel comprising its own page -- I was able to recreate that same experience.'


In addition to providing the concept for the project Mosely has written both an introduction and an afterward for the 224-page volume, while Mark Evanier also contributed an essay about the influence of Jack Kirby's groundbreaking art.  Maximum Fantastic Four, which is due out in November with a cover price of $49.99, features a superb design by Paul Sahre and most importantly high resolution, scaled-up artwork from the great Jack Kirby.