Bandai America is offering retailers a 10% discount on Starters and Booster Displays for the One Piece Collectible Card Game during the month of November.  Bandai is adopting this strategy to support the hobby and to get the game into as many players' hands as possible.  Bandai's National Sales Manager for CCGs, Andrew Lupp, explained it this way: 'With so many licensed CCGs in the market right now, the One Piece CCG might be overlooked.  With the holiday season approaching, we want to do everything we can to make it easier for retailers to order, make more money, and capture customers.'


The One Piece anime series, which is a mainstay of the 4Kids Saturday morning block, has been even more successful on the Cartoon Network since it began its run on the cable/satellite channel last April.  In Japan both the One Piece anime and the One Piece manga are consistent top five performers in ratings and sales.  Viz's American edition of the One Piece manga has done well and promo cards for the One Piece CCG have been included in several issues of Shonen Jump magazine and in the One Piece Grand Battle Game for the PlayStation 2.