The subject of Marvel's latest press conference was an epic 14-issue Hulk story arc, 'Planet Hulk,' in which the chlorophyll colored colossus is trapped on an alien planet ruled by a ruthless pre-industrial empire that has only recently acquired some vestiges of advanced technology, which have been spasmodically integrated with the civilization's vastly more prevalent iron age weaponry.  Writer Greg Pak noted that in contrast to some of the Hulk's previous planetary exiles, there would be no magical elements in this science fiction-based saga, which Carlo Pagulayan is illustrating in an iconic style that recalls the glories of both The Planet of the Apes and the Roman Empire.


The new storyline begins in Hulk #92 and will continue through issue #105 slated for April of 2007.  According to Pak, one of the key elements of the storyline is that the Hulk, although he will be able to rampage at will slashing, slicing, and hacking with two-handed broadsword, will face real dangers from opponents that are at times bigger, stronger and better armed.  The Hulk, who will need to use his cunning as well as his strength, will also become involved with the oppression visited on the various races of the planet by the ruthless forces of the empire and will have to decide whether to become a monster or a hero.


Marvel plans to support the series with a number of marketing efforts including postcards (and possibly mini-posters) at first.  The 'Planet Hulk' storyline does have a connection to the Marvel Civil War event, but the green giant will not be appearing anywhere in the Marvel Universe but on 'Planet Hulk' until at least April of 2007.  The series will most likely be collected in a series of three trade paperbacks (and perhaps a giant-size collection if interest warrants), but the first trade will probably not appear much before November of 2006.