WizKids has announced a June release date for Marvel HeroClix: Sinister, a villainously evil expansion for the popular Marvel HeroClix CMG.  The cavalcade of corrupt criminals includes Rhino, Stilt-Man, Bullseye, Trapster and another eight evildoers, who are making their first appearances in the Marvel HeroClix game -- and the booster packs also include the first special object token ever included in the Marvel HeroClix game, giving players even more options for 3-D superhero combat.  Each pack (MSRP $7.99) includes four figures, one bystander token, a battlefield condition card, an object card or feat card, plus a rules sheet.


WizKids is also continuing its ClixBrick program to support brick and mortar stores (see 'WizKids Plans HeroClix Promotion').  Customers who purchase a ClixBrick through a brick and mortar store can mail in proof of purchase and receive an exclusive Venom HeroClix figure with a new unique sculpt and a combat dial.  ClixBrick buyers are also eligible to purchase HeroClix Collector's Sets early (and at a discount).  WizKids is also offering an exclusive Limited Edition Spider-Man figure and a special sales incentive figure (to be announced), which will be available only to qualified brick-and-mortar retail stores participating in Marvel HeroClix: Sinister 'New Guy Night' tie-in promotion.