Dean Phillips of Krypton Comics in Omaha, Nebraska had something to get off his chest regarding the new Ultimate Avengers DVD:


I just had a quick rant about the new Ultimate Avengers The Movie arvel.  Chalk my complaint up to sour grapes or whatever, but I need to vent.  My cost from Diamond is $13.99.  Suggested retail is $19.99. 


I knew when I ordered the DVDs that my store would be undercut somewhat by the big chain stores.  Krypton Comics can make up for a few dollars difference in price by actually knowing what we sell.  You can also trade in an old DVD toward your purchase.  Ask someone at Wal-Mart who the Ultimate Avengers are and 'a Marvel comics super-team' will probably not be the answer. 


Wal-Mart and Target and other chains can choose to sell their DVDs for cost or even a little under.  That said, I find it hard to believe that these mega-stores have chosen a DVD like Ultimate Avengers to pull the masses in with a loss leader (an item sold at cost or below).  There just isn't a wide enough audience for the Ultimate Avengers.  It isn't starring Harrison Ford or Tom Cruise.  The only people they are marketing to are cartoon lovers, children and MY customers.


The lowest price in Omaha has been Wal-Mart at $9.88 (advertised) and the highest at a local Kroger grocery store at $13.99.  This doesn't even take into consideration one of the biggest under-cutters, 


The suggested retail price of $19.95 makes me and all other direct market stores look like morons.  After a dozen or so customers asked me what I was thinking with a price that high when they already purchased it a day before at half my price, I took the product off the shelf.  Even my own employees won't buy the DVD from me at cost because I STILL look bad at $14 + shipping.  I won't even buy this from me! 


Diamond, Marvel and Lions Gate need to know that by offering products to the direct market with ridiculous prices like this, comic stores will get the reputation for ripping people off.  The comic book fan community is very savvy and knows what other stores offer and for what price.  I was very pumped to carry a new line of DVDs with characters that I know and love.  Now I won't be able to offer this line to my customers because I don't want to charge them DOUBLE price.


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